Zikooin -The South Korean Vegan Meat Company With Its Sights on the US

23 Apr 2020

April 24, 2020

More exciting news from Asia brings us Zikooin, a South Korean based producer of a plant-based meat called Unlimeat, produced from upcycled grains. The company announces its plans to expand its latest innovation in food technology into the USA. Zikoon is based in Seoul and has a presence in Hong Kong.

Unlimeat is produced from overproduced grains that would typically be discarded for being imperfect. The company’s R&D team has spent years developing and cultivating a perfect alternative-meat product using sustainable Korean ingredients including grains, oats and nuts by using the company’s patented innovative technology called Protein Compression.

Unlimeat has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is ready for the US market. Zikooin has partnered with Ploma in the US, which is an upscale grocery online delivery service based in the Northern California Bay area. They will offer Unlimeat Plant-Based Meat BBQ, Unlimeat Plant-Based Meat and Unlimeat Dumplings (Galbi flavour). The Zikooin Company is currently in negotiations with various American groceries and retail stores and will continue to expand throughout the US.

Zikooin has also been awarded the Bronze Quality Award for Unlimeat Plant-Based Sliced Meat at the 59th World Selection of Food Products of 2020 hosted by Monde Selection, an organization that evaluates the quality of consumer products from all over the world.

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